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Preban Question

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Hello Everyone,

Thanks for the welcome the other day. I have a question about adding things to my 183 series Mini; first can I add a pistol grip stock that is non-folding and have a Flash/Muzzel break and 20-30 rd magazine, is this beyond what is legal, the Mini came with just the standard wood stock and 5rd mag. Second, since it is a preban can I add anything I want to it without worrying about legalities.

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Originally posted by MikeEmt
Thanks Mtnwatcher,

I live in Az. a very gun friendly state, I was reading some previous threads and came across one that Cajun replied to that stated if your preban did not come with any of the evils other than the detachable magazine that you could only add one more evil to the preban; just curious and I do not want to lose my ability to own a firearm, know what I mean.
If your firearm was not configured as a preban before the ban, even if the firearm was manufactured before the ban, you can't legally configure it as preban after. If you were the owner of the firearm before the ban you shouldn't have any problem. It's your word against theirs. They have to prove you wrong. If you obtained the firearm from another party after the ban, it gets a little dicey. In this case, you would most likely need some supporting documentation from the individual you obtained the rifle from. Irregardless, it is my understanding that no law abiding citizen has ever been prosecuted for configuring a firearm manufactured before the ban, as evidenced by serial number, into a preban configuration after the ban.
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