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If your looking for some original US G.I. M-14 preban mags or Original US
G.I. Colt Ar-15 mags. Along with those we have many new and used surplus and
other related Military items and Ammo. Cole Distributing sells direct to
you.... We are the Importer, as well as the distributor or wholesaler, our
prices are very competitive.

Most important is that you get what you want and we sell only what you see
at our site. The products that you will receive are exactly as we describe,
if for some reason you're unhappy, so are we, and we stand 100% behind our

We are also the Importers of IMI Ammunition and also carry Aguila and some
of the Specialized Portuguese loads.

I invited you to visit our website, sign up on our mailing list and visit
our "Internet Specials" section. This section also has pictures of all the products we are currently offering.

Bob Lippman-Cole Distributing
E-mail @ [email protected]
[email protected]
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