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Welcome to today’s Photo of the Day! Here we have one of those mythical guns that folks talk about but probably would online shoot once. This is the Phillips & Rodgers Medusa Model 47 Revolver. The Medusa is a strange revolver in that it was made for those folks that wanted a do-all-end-of-the-world sort of gun but it does its own job a little too well. About 500-600 of these well-made revolvers were produced. They are made to be capable of correctly head spacing and firing a ton of different cartridges (touted as being able to fire over one hundred different types). This gun will safely fire anything with a bullet of .357 and under so long as the cartridge can be held by the extractor. For example, it can shoot 32 ACP but not 25 ACP since the 25 has such a small diameter case. This is often thought of as a survivalist/prepper’s dream gun but it can be slow to load and unload due to the unique extractor system that makes it capable of firing all these cartridges. The extractor teeth are spring-loaded and offer the right amount of tension mixed with spacing to allow the firing pin to strike properly. The forcing cone is also tapered in such a way as to better lend accuracy to a smallish cartridge/bullet such as a 9mm or 380. These guns were well built so they were expensive and their purpose was rather niche so they did not sell very well.

Note: Ignore the stainless revolver.

Manufacturer: Phillips & Rodgers Inc
Model: 47
Type: Revolver
Gauge: 357/9 mm
Barrel: 6 inch slab side
Finish: blue
Grip: rubber

Lot 546: Two Double Action Revolvers. (n.d.). Rock Island Auction Company. photograph. Retrieved November 18, 2022, from

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