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POST test

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I just completed the Police Officer Selection Test (POST) for my county's sheriff's department. This test had no personality test portion, and I think I did really well on it. I should hear my results at the end of this month. The current positions are part time, but it pays well and gets your foot in the door, so I'm pretty excited about it.

I didn't do well enough on the personality portion of the conservation officer test to advance to the next round of selection.
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Best of luck to ya buddy and I mean that sincerely, being a LEO these days has got to be tough. My family is full of 'um, proud of each, but I'm glad I'm a fisherman by trade.
Great attitude Coyote after that many years, and good advice for our young friend.

I spent a number of years as a private bodyguard and have many of the same experiences to relate. It is amazing the things that can happen during a "routine" day. Domestic violence and the younger generations attitude are very troubling, not to mention the really bad guys out there.

Two Texas Rangers in my close family. The stories they (told) tell kept me from joining up. I have great respect for them and the rest (most) of you!
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