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POST test

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I just completed the Police Officer Selection Test (POST) for my county's sheriff's department. This test had no personality test portion, and I think I did really well on it. I should hear my results at the end of this month. The current positions are part time, but it pays well and gets your foot in the door, so I'm pretty excited about it.

I didn't do well enough on the personality portion of the conservation officer test to advance to the next round of selection.
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Being in LE for 17 years I have to say that it’s a great job. There are down falls for sure, but all in all its great. Working with the public can be very demanding. We do not get to see the good side of people most of the time, but have to work mostly with the bad guys and gals. If you’re married, it’s a must that your wife understands what you’re getting into. Long hours, shifts, not being home on holidays and sitting down to eat with her, and having to get up after a few mouthfuls of food and running out the door. An officer and his wife have to understand that you will come home, mad, out of sorts and may not talk for a while. You will get beat up, spit on, cursed at, get the royal finger, and at the worst, shot at and have weapons threaten you and pulled on you. It’s all in a days work.

The upside is many. Helping people, bringing new babies into the world (that is messy), catching the bad guys doing something wrong, intimidating people on traffic stops ( ;) ) finding evidence to serious crimes. Oh hell this list can go on and on.

But seriously..........a guy can get hurt too. I have had my shoulder broken, pulled out of socket, knifed, and shot at. Even had an 80-year-old lady kick me, an old man hit me with his cane because I would not take him to jail.

The worst thing that can happen is seeing a fellow officer being shot...(2) and or killed. I will never forget that. The aftermath was totally destroying to many. It makes you think twice about life, your family and being very careful on the job.

If you make it, and I hope that you do, get all the training that you can, wear a vest (always) and always watch your back. Traffic stops are the worse and can go bad really quick. Make sure you never; never think you have the upper hand...

Good luck.......
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