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Ponyboy's Fire Breather

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This is my first post here and I thought I'd show ya'll some pictures of my registered receiver Mini.

It started life off as a 183 stainless GB model with full stock. It's now been converted to a KAC556F clone complete with factory folder, front sight/gas block, 13" barrel along with assorted mags.

It's louder than hell and sports a huge muzzle flash which is only multiplied when the selector is switched to auto.

I hope yall enjoy the pics. :ar15:

Notice the selector in the last pic, on either end of the trigger guard. "1" for semi and "A" for auto.
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Whew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that baby sure looks fun! I dont think I have ever seen a mini quite like it. The stock's forend seems like it would be hard to hold onto in full auto with the folder in, is it? Anyhow thanks for the pictures and welcome to the forum Ponyboy.:usa:

P.S. I know im not the Incredible Hulk so it must be envy!:rolleyes:
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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