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I would love a Polytech as well!

Be sure to check the headspace, and check it often. Chicom M14's are well known for soft bolts, and most (not all) will loosen up quickly. You also cannot simply add a USGI bolt to fix the issue, as it won't mate perfectly to the barrel.

There are armorers such as Fulton who will take a Chicom M14, use the receiver and other servicable parts, and replace the rest (including barrel and bolt) with USGI parts.

The Chicom (Polytech and Norinco) M14's use forged receivers that are perfect geometry-wise.... the only thing they lack is a warranty. Can't sue the People's Liberation Army if you have a problem with it (grin).

Get it, shoot it, but watch the headspace! Be sure to measure it right... if you are shooting 7.62NATO (and you should be), use the NATO/USGI headspace gauge, as it differs from the .308 commercial gauges.:)
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