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Plainfield PM-30P Paratrooper M1 Carbine. Captured and brought back by US Marine in Vietnam. US Made, sold to South Vietnam as Security forces weapon. Ended up in the hands of the North Vietnam where it was captured, then brought back by a US Marine. This story is unconfirmed, but is the story I was told about it by a previous owner. It is feasible, as that was not an uncommon thing with these Plainfield carbines. It was not a rare sight to see our US Soldiers carrying these in lue of their issued weapon during the Korean, and Vietnam wars due to the portability of them. They were well liked. I love this little M1, but would like a USGI issued M1 Carbine. Looking for trades of that sort. This is not for sale, if I don't find the right trade, I would rather keep this one.

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