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Please help with 10/22

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I recently was released from the military and came back home. After 4 years, I was yearning to clean and my rifles, pistols, and shotguns. However, when I came to the point of cleaning my Ruger 10/22, I encountered an issue. It seemed like there was a jam, I could not pull the bolt back no matter how much force I put into it. I did a takedown on the rifle and everything seemed to be good. When I removed the stock and trigger assembly, the bolt was free and could be pulled back smoothly. The barrel was not obstructed at all, everything looked good. So I put it back together, and again the bolt could not be pulled back. After another 20 minutes of messing around with it, I found that it's a problem when I insert the forward retaining pin of the trigger assembly (the pin above the safety). When the rear pin (under the bolt buffer) is inserted, the bolt moves. When I insert the forward pin, the bolt is stuck.

I inspected the trigger assembly and I see absolutely nothing wrong with it. Has anyone every encountered or heard of a problem like this? I am at a lost on this one, any help would be greatly appreciated.
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That sounds very weird. Something must be out of alignment and/or installed wrong. I suggest you start from scratch, take everything apart and start over, assemblying it with a good on-line video instruction.
Go over to and ask there, I am sure that you are not the first to have that problem, I have not seen it.
+1 Ditto
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