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Picture Posting 101 (New)

Recently there has been an increasing demand for instructions for posting pictures using our new software. There are many variations, but basically there are 4 steps: (1) Get picture, (2) Edit, resizing, cropping, etc, (3) Saving to File, (4) Attaching

Get Picture
1. Take picture with digital camera if you have one.
2. They also have cheap throw away digital cameras with a CD to store image.
3. If you don't have a digital, you can take a 35mm pic. take the film to Walmart and they can put images on a CD, with editing software.
4. If you have a scanner for your computer, you can scan a photo.
So anyone can take a picture regardless which you have.

Software for editing is needed. Digital cameras come with it, Walmarts Photo Cd's come with it, Scanners come with it, even a printer cartridge I bought came with software. You can pay big bucks for Pro editing features, but you don't have to. All you need the software to do is (a) Resize, and crop (b) Adjust resolution, (c) Convert pic to Jpeg format, or Save In Jpeg format.

I use Adobe Photo Deluxe, and for some fancy stuff I have MGI Photo Suite. I also have Corel Custom Photo, Camedia Master 4.0, and Walmarts CD software. I haven't used them all yet, but intend to experiment with them in my spare time.

1. After you get the picture, use your software to get the picture on its work area. Let the software use its own format to edit, don't convert to Jpeg just yet.
2. Crop unwanted areas. Say you took a picture of your mini, and your shooten buddies big belly got into the picture. Just use the crop tool to cut out his gut. Cropping will NOT Resize the photo, only get rid of unwanted areas of the pic.
3. Resize. Most of my programs default to inches. If you click on the little arrow, in the size window, a unit menu will pop up select "Pixel" in both width, and height. IF your software doesn't have Pixel's only inches don't worry we have it covered. With the " In Proportion" box checked (if you have one), change width dimension to 640 pixels, the height should change automatically, Not to exceed 480 pixels for the height.
4. If your software doesn't have pixel units then use inches, or cm, for you mm guys.

640 pixels = 8.889 inches = 22.58 cm. Also 480 pixels = 6.667 inches = 16.93 cm.
Note: you can have smaller, but not larger than 640 x 480 pixels. If you don't want a pic this large adjust smaller to suite.
5. Resolution, at sometime during editing, or exporting to save, you will have an opportunity to adjust the pic. resolution (pic. quality). The units may be 1-10 or 10-200 etc. I find the total image will exceed the allowed 97,000 bytes (or 97 KB) with a resolution greater than 72. It will save to file, but may be too large to attach to your post.

Saving To File
After editing, Click on "Save As" . Each software is different so you may have to go to its Help Screen to find out how, but basically you want to Save it As: This is when you (a) Choose File Name, (B) Choose A File Folder to save pic. in. (Remember the file name, and folder, as you will need it to Attach!) © Convert to Jpeg format. (d) now click Save.( If you don't save it in Jpeg, it will save in the softwares format, and it will not attach). Its now ready to attach.

So far we have gotten the picture we want to attach, Resized it, Converted it to Jpeg, and saved it.
1. Click on "Post", "Reply", or "Edit". I recommend just entering a word or two. You can edit, and add later, so you won't loose a whole page of typing if your image won't take. If you click "Edit" to change, or attach a pic. Click on "Go Advanced".
2. Under your post window you will find a screen, "Additional Options". In it you will find "Manage Attachments". Click this button. 4 Upload windows, and 4 browse buttons come up. You can attach 1 to 4 pics. on a single post. Click a browse button.
3. Find the Folder you saved your pic. in. Click on it (maybe double click) to open.
4. Click on File you named.
5. Click on "Upload". This puts file address in the Attach file window below your post. This will take a minute or so.
6. Click on "Submit Reply or Submit Post" and. if its successful it will thank you for posting. If not, a pop up will say "wrong format" or "file too large". Go back and tweak image, but work with original, as reworking in Jpeg format will degrade image quality.

If you want to find a pic you posted a couple years ago, but can't remember where it was, you can find it quickly by, Clicking on "User CP". Go to the bottom left menu and click on "Attachments". Every pic you ever posted is there, along with each pic size, total size of your pic store, along with the number of photos.

Store Size is 10 MB for regular members, and 100 MB for Super members, and moderators.

With a little trial and error, anyone can learn to attach pics. It is easy after you've done it a time or two.

Anyone needing more help, send me a PM. I'll be happy to help.:D

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If I have a photobucket account, will using them IMG tag work so photobucket hosts the picture? This works in another forum I subscribe too and it saves a lot of space so one can upload several pictures without taking up space on the forum.

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I tried the IMG code from photobucket in the test area and it worked! It takes some time to upload to photobucket, but as I said, using the IMG code(s) from photobucket puts the picture(s) directly into the post (though it does not show up until posted) and it takes up no space on your server--photobucket hosts the picture, so their server is holding all the files.
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