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just looked at it... looks like signatures are closed...
However, I did post this on the linked white house blog on the petition page:

We need stiffer penalties, and better enforcement of existing laws... Not additional nonsensical restrictions and bans. Use a gun in a crime - go to prison for a really long time, no parole, no time off for good behavior. I'm a law abiding good citizen, and a Firearm Owner - and yes, some of the guns and equipment for them that I own, while currently legal and registered in the state that I reside in, are under scrutiny and named specifically in several gun control proposals. I have committed no crimes, and would never consider using any of my guns for illicit purposes, nor would I ever allow someone access to my guns with intention to do so. Same as I would not intentionally run someone down with my car or loan it to someone who intended to. Mere possession of an object does not constitute intent to cause harm with it. At some point you need to trust the majority of your citizens will "do the right thing" with the constitutional rights that we have and allow us to exercise them without unlawful interference by the US federal government. gun control is a state and local issue - The second amendment is all of the firearm related law the Federal government needs. you want to do something about gun violence in this country? I say Punish the guilty, not your good law abiding citizens who just want to enjoy our rights.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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