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Thanks for replying, RIBob My rifle is a 584 model I bought it new about six weeks ago. In the short amount of time I've put a thousand rounds down range. I don't think the back of the bolt was proud when new, no light hammer strikes the rifle has preformed flawless I've only used factory brass rounds. While cleaning the field stripped rifle I noticed the back of the bolt peened/mushroomed . I was ordering some spare parts, springs, and the little parts that I read about that could fail. After seeing the bolt I ordered a new one. I checked the headspace, took a stone to all the raised areas, and polished. At first I thought that the bolt was getting pinned by the face of the hammer. I surfed the web and found that this is a common problem with these Ruger rifles, 14 and 30. The bottom of the bolt is rounded at the rear on the port side which corresponds to a cured edge on the hammer. The bolt is getting pinned on the recoil stroke when it's cocking the hammer back. Interference fit, or lack of it. Some reference this as break in. This is a really fun rifle to shoot but Ruger could do better. The tolerances in the action are a barn door. The back of the bolt should be harden, or the design perhaps twerked. I put a Vortex Crossfire Il scope on her, zeroed in with a laser @ 25 yards. She's spot [email protected] 100yards, 2 inch groups. Fun gun to shoot, this is the Harley Davidson of Auto loaders. Ker chunk
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