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hello, gents.

i just joined this forum dealy-ma-bobby, here. it makes me happy that there is a discussion board dedicated to the M1A rifle :)

so i've laid what i need and want from a gun out on the table and have concluded that the M1A suits all my needs, the question is do i build it from scratch? or just shell out 1600 bucks and get the whole shabang?

i'm aware that AT LEAST 10 of the parts have to be from the U.S. if i'm to build one. but which would be more expensive?

i'm rather new to the whole firearms clique in general, but whilst i was perusing some M1A info, i ran across speculation about the decreased accuracy of the parts guns. is this rumor or not?

is there anything extremely important i need to know before starting to purchase either the gun or the parts?

hell. if anyone's willing to trade, i can shell out some cash and a bulgarian SLR-95 AK copy :D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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