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Parker Hale 303 British sporter

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Parker Hale Sporter in 303 British is made on an SMLE
action.Stocked in the "Weatherby" style with Monte Carlo cheek
peice and grip cap.Blueing is good.Stocks has some dings
and dents and scrapes.Needs new recoil pad.Tapped for sidemount and comes with side
mount for it.Comes with brand new RCBS dies,100
rounds of new unprimed brass of either Winchester or Remington
manufacture (can't remember!!),and a box of Siearra 150
grainers.$300.Sorry,no pictures available.

Price is firm as this is what I have in the gun and accessories.Buyer pays actual USPS shipping charges (should be
about $25).

Please contact me at either [email protected] or PM me.

Thanks for looking.
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