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Pachmayr's new American Legend Series offers you the best of both worlds, by combining the feel and appearance of wood with the performance, grip ability of and control of rubber. The American Legend Series grips feature rich walnut, finished to an attractive varnish shine coupled with our Pachmayr Decelerator rubber for a soft controlled feel. We did this by combining the efforts of two American legends; the innovative genius of Pachmayr, the creator of the rubber grip and the fifty years of skilled craftsmanship from Herrett Stocks. Together we have created the new American Legend series. Enhance the look and feel of your grip by adding the American legend to your favorite handgun today.
-see at
-Suggested Retail $31.98 -your Cost 23.95 + $5.00 shipping

SIGNATURE GRIPS (without Backstrap) 1911
These models of Pachmayr's Signature Grips also feature our patented full wrap around design, are also made from rubber especially formulated for use on semi-automatic pistols, but are supplied without back straps so they can be used on pistols such as the government .45 models that utilize grip safety mechanisms. For the following:
-Colt GM-45/C-Signature Thumb Reduction Combat
-Colt 1911 GM-45-Signature checkered
-Colt 1911 GM-45/CS-Signature
sculptured thumb reuced combat
-Colt 1911 GM-G-Signature Combat+ finger groove
-see at
Suggested Retail $23.98-your cost $19.95 +$5.00 Shipping

1911 Stainless Magazines
Pachmayr's heat treated, 17-7 stainless steel magazines are high quality, super strength, ultra-reliable, and attractively finished. Pachmayr Match Grade magazines offer several advantages over factory magazines and many other after market magazines. Other stainless magazines are either a soft 300 stainless steel that cannot be heat treated or they are nickel plated carbon steel. Therefore, Pachmayr magazine comes with a rubber bumper pad to protect ejected magazines and to make magazine loading easier and faster. Pachmayr's magazines are designed to fit a wide variety of ammunition. Pachmayr magazine are constructed of the toughest materials available providing a long life and a superior finish. The Pachmayr 1911-type magazines have Pachmayr's custom-contoured followers for more reliable cartridge feed.
.45acp - 7 rnd. Suggested Retail $26.98 Your Cost $21.58 + $5.00 S&H
.45acp - 10 rnd. Suggested Retail $29.98 Your Cost $23.98 + $5.00 S&

-Special BRAND NEW-"22nd Edition of Blue Book of Gun Values" -$30 + $5.75 shipping

Bob Lippman
Lippman Enterprise,Ltd
PO Box 134
Palenville,NY 12463
E-Mail- [email protected]
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