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Looking to become self sufficient in any climate, any outdoor situation?
1) Learn primitive living skills, build confidence.
2) Learn the five basics of survival. Food, fire, water, shelter, and security.
3) Learn to forage local plant life.
4) Learn how to fabricate primitive tools. Improvise.
5) Learn to make cordage, snares, traps, hunting equipment, etc.

I have 35 years of outdoor living experience, and have a deep respect for God’s creation, and have learned how to use it to my advantage.

Working as a DoD contractor, I have trained our soldiers in outdoor survival skills successfully for the last eight years.

Done in a safe and secure environment, these skills will see you through any emergency situation. Times are tough, accidents happen. You never know when you’ll need to call upon your resources to see you through, to survive a bad situation, or just enjoy time out, camping.

PM me!
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