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I picked up a Smith -Corona, Model 03-A3 rifle today. Overall the wood is in excellent shape and the bluing is about 90%.
What I'm curious about is how original is the gun and its components.
Things I'm not so sure about :
1) Only 4 numbers of the serial numbers are readable (9482), The numbers preceding them are unreadable or very lightly stamped. It doesn't appear that it has been filed down, as the bluing is sill intact in that area.
2) The rear site is a peep site and has windage and elevation adjustments. On the right side the elevation scale there is a picture of a hooded front site with a deer in front of it. (Doesn't seem military)

The front site is a hooded site with the words "Lyman" on it. Original smith corona?

How can I tell how original it may be? I can send digital pictures to anyone who would like to see them.
Probably best if you respond to my email at [email protected]

Thanks for your help.

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You can actually post them here!

Reply to this post, and note that there is a block in the reply page that says "Attach File". You can upload them into this post!

Here is an example:


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