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I hope someone can help educate me regarding the origins of some of my favorite rifles.

I am aware of the existence of both the HBAR 20-inch barrel and the so-called "Government profile" A2 barrel profile. I have owned and fired both. I'm not trying to start a discussion of the pros and cons of a heavy barrel! I'm just curious about how these two animals came about.

But I have heard differing information regarding the origin of them both. One opinion holds that the result of the Marine Corps rifle development program in the 80s was what we know as the M16A2, which Colt designed with the familiar A2 handguards, pistol grip, sights and a heavy (HBAR) barrel, with 1 in 7 twist. The Gov. profile barrel only came about later, when the Army adopted the A2 and requested the barrel be cut down under the handguards to allow for the mounting of the M203. The other opinion I have encountered is that the result of the Marine Corps program was the A2 with a Gov.. profile barrel, and that the only place the HBARs showed up was in the civilian market when the AR15 became popular and the manufacturers saw an opportunity to sell the cheapest barrels (not quality but less machining) as some great feature.

Does anyone know the true dope on this question?

Thanks and be well.
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