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:) I have moved back to Oregon from the Peoples Republic of California. It is like regaining my citizenship in the USA. No 1-pistol an month limit, buy a gun and walkout with it the same day, $10 for a background check, should be free.

I just took a bunch of friends out, with their kids, for a little target practice with 7 rifles and a pistol. We went through over 1,000 rounds, about half were reloads, and had a great afternoon of good clean American fun. Used iron sights on all guns and fired everything including 22lr, 9mm, 223 Rem, 7.62x39 and 8mm Romainian. Used tin cans, targets and stationary clays, even a spoon to up the challange.

Gun control is being to hit your target and that also makes for good times.
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