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Ordered a new Ranch!

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I posted a thread yesterday about maybe picking up a used 182-series, but I deleted it because my local gun shop found me a brand spankin' new ss/syn Ranch, which is EXACTLY what I want, although I wasn't really ready to spend the cash on a new one just yet. But oh well. :) This may not seem like a big deal to you Americans, but they're getting pretty scarce in Canada because Ruger isn't exporting them any more, thanks to that end-user certificate bs, so I decided to bite the bullet (no pun intended) and go for it.

I was also asking about Elcan scopes, but I found something I like better, the Leupold Mark 4 CQ/T (1-3x14mm, with circle dot!). Unfortunately, it costs more than the Mini-14, so it'll have to wait. A friend of my brother just picked one up, and he's going to let me test-drive it. :)

So many hobbies, so little money.
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Originally posted by JWB
Hey, I thought those Eeevil semi auto's were banned up there.
Ha, nope, the gun laws are all screwed up. I can buy a brand new Mini-14, and put a flash hider and a folding stock on it (and I already picked up a Butler Creek ss folder!). Limited to 5-rnd mags though, so my local gunsmith is blocking the 30-rnd mags, uh, parts kits, that I have (it's not illegal to posess hi-cap "parts kits", just assembled mags. Once the mags are blocked to 5 rnds, they're legal).

Anyways, as the Mini is a "non-restricted" rifle, I can take it into the bush while camping, 4x4ing, or ATVing, UNLIKE an AR-15 which is "restricted", meaning I can only take an AR-15 to the range, and if I'm not a member of a range, then I have no good reason to own one (in the eyes of the law, anyways!). So when I eventually get an AR-15, it'll be a tactical toy, with stepped barrel, flash hider, collapsible stock, rail system, etc., just because I can. Since it's already restricted and can't be used anywhere BUT the range, there's no problem adding all the goodies. I'm just trying to decide between a normal 14.5" A4 barrel or a shorty 7" barrel (like my brother's), or something in between.

And why is the AR-15 restricted while the Mini-14 is not? Because the AR-15 is an evil black "assault rifle", while the Mini-14 is a conservative-looking wood-stock-equipped hunting rifle, and obviously would be much less dangerous if it should fall into the wrong hands. :D

So, the reason I bought a Mini-14 before an AR-15 is because I CAN take it with me, and therefore it's a useful tool as opposed to a "range toy".
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