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I like to post this about once a year or so. Just in case a new person missed it the last go around.


Ruger is recalling all stainless steel Mini-14 rifles with serial numbers below 182-51929 with only one proofmark on the receiver.

We have examined a total of three stainless steel Mini-14 rifles that have been returned from users with cracked receivers. In every instance, this situation was traced to a combination of two factors:

The receivers exhibited excessive hardness; and

The rifles were fired either with an obstruction in the bore or with faulty ammunition creating extremely excessive pressures.

Not all stainless steel Mini-14 rifles have an excessively hard receiver. Every Mini-14 ever shipped, like other Ruger firearms, has been proof tested. We cannot tell which ones are too hard by serial number alone. Therefore, we are recalling all of our stainless steel Mini-14 rifles below serial number 182-51929 bearing only one proofmark on the receiver for inspection, testing, and re-heat treatment, if necessary. Most rifles will require only a Rockwell test and will be returned after testing. Rifles tested will be given an additional proofmark. Only some rifles will require re-heat treatment.

Remove the buttstock from your rifle, and remove all custom accessories. The remainder of the rifle is all that we need. Securely package and insure your barreled action, bolt, trigger housing group, and handguard (a shipping carton is available upon request), and ship it UPS AOD to:

Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc.
Guild Road - Dept. 14
Newport, New Hampshire 03773
(603) 863-3300 ext. Mini-14

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Yeah-that's just like Ruger-anytime something goes wrong with one of their guns, they always blame the "wrong kind of ammunition" rather than just admitting that their quality of craftsmanship has gone down the tubes!!!
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