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Ok, here is my stock .... no laughing now

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Just kidding. I thought it turned out pretty good, EXCEPT, for my choice of colors. When I put them down on paper they looked pretty good for a desert color, then when I airbrushed then they seemed to have come out lighter. The green was a little to 'pea-green' and what was supposed to be lite-lite tan can out more white.


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kind of a snow-scrub camo. That's more or less the first thing that came to my mind too after it was all done.
Thanks for the comp SixTGunr ..... coming from someone who has far more experience at this than I do.

It's basically a fiberglass stock from cheaper than dirt.

Primed it gray w/ Tamiya plastic/metal primer (after a good washing)

Hard part was finding the pattern. As I have no artistic talent to speak of there was absolutely NO WAY I could do something like this free-hand. So I found a pattern on the internet and printed it to paper.

Cut out the individual shapes and just sort of layed the pieces of paper on the stock, one at a time and traced around them w/ a pencil.

A year or so ago I bought one of those air spray guns for hobby models and that works like charm. Though I again used Tamiya colors, which being acrylic, IMO, were a little hard to work with as the gun nozzles needed frequent cleaning. Personally, I think the airgun was a must-have to make everything look smooth.

After two coats of each color, I put on 3 coats of Testors dull coat. Had to be careful not to touch it. It's like a paint remover until it drys. Also, you don't want to put it on too think or you get a colored paint-run.
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Thanks. Got a few looks when I was out at the range 3-4 weeks ago. Not really hard to do if you've got the right equipment.
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