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Ok, here is my stock .... no laughing now

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Just kidding. I thought it turned out pretty good, EXCEPT, for my choice of colors. When I put them down on paper they looked pretty good for a desert color, then when I airbrushed then they seemed to have come out lighter. The green was a little to 'pea-green' and what was supposed to be lite-lite tan can out more white.


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Hi GreenLantern-I think you did a great job on your stock.Sure it's a little---light in color but that's fine.Sort of a late Fall color or early Spring.Anyway maybe I'll try one out soon and post for you an everyone else to see.Just hope mine comes out as good as yours.I used to be kinda good at the Arts.Although I'm pretty rusty now.Have fun shootin' your M1A! :D :sniper:
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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