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Hey Tank -
I'm just getting the hang of off-hand shooting in the last few months and I had the same problem you did - can't get the cross hairs to stop moving enough to make a good shot.
Well I fianally spoke with someone who's been shooting competitivly for years and the secret is...those cross hairs will never stop moving! You can only slow them down so much.
The trick is to put 90% pressure on the trigger and when those cross hairs are on target for that fraction of an second increase that trigger press and bingo!
At the least, you should be able to call your shots when that trigger breaks and the cross hairs are off bullseye.
What will help the most is a lot of dry fire practice. Put a black thumb tack on a wall somewhere safe and stand back 15 feet and that should look like your target. It really works.
Good luck and go to chuch on Sunday, it will be good for you and your family! ;)
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