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nrw to board,mini 14 help

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hi all, first i would like to say great forums,i have read through some of it with great intrest.i have a lot of questions for the board about my mini14.what i got is a standerd mini 14,s.n prefex starting in186.well as you can guess im not happy with the accuracy from the i was going to try.some of the things iv read on the board.i.v allready done one mod. to the gun by installing a muzzle break on the gun.(its the one from cheeper than dirt,).but iv not had a chance to fire the gun to see if there is any improvements .
i was reading some of the forums about also glassbedding the stock,and i was thinking about giveing it a try,seeing iv never done this before i was wondering if anybody knew where i could find that video for glassbedding that was talked about on the other forums.i would like to watch it before acually doing the job,so i kind of get the idea what im dooing.if anybody had one for sale let me know
lastly for today anyway,i have a scope mounted on my mini,by the b-square side mount,what do you all think of this mount,will it lose it,s zero ,would i be better off with a differnt mount,iv seen one that installs in the rear sight mount is this better?if so where can i find one at?i dont want to drill and tap gun for a scope mount.(im using a bushnell 3x9x40 scopecheaf on the gun).
i guess that is it for today i have some other questions on other aspects of the gun such as trigger group ect.but i will take it one step at a time so i dont get to far ahead of myself.i guess my next step is getting it glassbedded so i will start there
tnks guys have a great day :usa: :usa: :usa:
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Welcome to the forum wheels. If you were using a sand bag, and saved your targets, shoot with the same ammo to see how much the brake has improved accuracy. Mine went from 4 1/2" groups at 100 yds to 2 1/4" with the same brake.

The simplest thing often over looked is the diet of ammo your mini likes. Each one is different. Get a box or 2 of several different brands, and bullet weights, see which shoot best. Im not talking about expensive match ammo either. Just use med to low cost ammo, as you have a semi auto, and will go thru a lot of ammo compared to a bolt gun, besides shooting the mini is kinda adictive. I prefer the boxer primed ammo to the Russian berdian primmed ammo. My mini likes the Winchester 45 grn Varmint. About $9-$12 for a double box of 40. Shoots 1 1/2" avg with brake, stock bedded, trigger job. No flyers, just nice little round groups.

I got the bedding video from Mike Knifong. It isn't a Hollywood production but Mike does a good job keeping the camera right in there as he beds a mini, and shows how to bed different kinds of stocks, as well as change out the gas port bushing. I used the brownells Acraglass Gel Kit. (green box) it isn't as runny as the regular.

Ammo selection, scope, muzzle brake, stock bedding, trigger job = 2" groups or less with no flyers at 100 yds, if you are a decent shooter. ;)
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The Ranch models eject brass out the side, and with a lot more force than the std mini. The slide rod handle is hitting your brass, look at it and you will see the brass stains.

I got a gas port busing kit from Mike Knifong, and it reduced the ejection from 45 ft to about 10 ft. I keep my brass to reload. A 40 rd box of winchester brass is worth about $2 in brass. I got the gas bushings, and trigger job from mike at a nice discount for the combo. Use the search button , and enter "bushing", many posts will come up on that subject.
After all this time I thought Ranch models only had this problem. The gas bushings fixed it on the ranch.

Hmmmm, I wonder if a deflector of some sort could be made. Not obtrusive, but functional. I have heard of some putting foam on the underside of the scope mount. Course at the range you could use a brass catcher.
Hey gundoc. Mike Knifong had the 3 gas bushing kit for $25. But for $25 more he would do a trigger job, combo priced free shipping. That's the route I took. ASI now has the bushing kit for $10.95.

With my mini being new, I used the larger bushing wich is way smaller than the Ruger one.

Wheels, I was a little leary to bed my mini also (my first) till I watched the video. It is about 2 hrs in length, as Mike shows you how to bed any stock, also change out the gas port bushing. After watching the video I felt very confident I could do it. Important thing Mike points out, is to rehearse it, so you will have every thing at hand that you need. Prep time was about 30 min. actual bedding time was about 10 or 15 min. Wait about 3 days for the bedding to cure to max strength before you shoot it. Its a piece of cake. You will like how your mini shoots afterward. :D
Welcome to the forum tgs. Do you have a mini? If not, and you are considering getting one. The big decision, is if you are going to shoot iron sights get the regular mini, but if you are going to use a scope get the Ranch model. The sights and ejection system are different. The ranch comes with an integral mount, rings, and a flimsy fold down back up sight. The regular mini has a much better rear sight with adj knobs. If you already know this stuff, then maby a lurker will benifit from it.
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