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nrw to board,mini 14 help

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hi all, first i would like to say great forums,i have read through some of it with great intrest.i have a lot of questions for the board about my mini14.what i got is a standerd mini 14,s.n prefex starting in186.well as you can guess im not happy with the accuracy from the i was going to try.some of the things iv read on the board.i.v allready done one mod. to the gun by installing a muzzle break on the gun.(its the one from cheeper than dirt,).but iv not had a chance to fire the gun to see if there is any improvements .
i was reading some of the forums about also glassbedding the stock,and i was thinking about giveing it a try,seeing iv never done this before i was wondering if anybody knew where i could find that video for glassbedding that was talked about on the other forums.i would like to watch it before acually doing the job,so i kind of get the idea what im dooing.if anybody had one for sale let me know
lastly for today anyway,i have a scope mounted on my mini,by the b-square side mount,what do you all think of this mount,will it lose it,s zero ,would i be better off with a differnt mount,iv seen one that installs in the rear sight mount is this better?if so where can i find one at?i dont want to drill and tap gun for a scope mount.(im using a bushnell 3x9x40 scopecheaf on the gun).
i guess that is it for today i have some other questions on other aspects of the gun such as trigger group ect.but i will take it one step at a time so i dont get to far ahead of myself.i guess my next step is getting it glassbedded so i will start there
tnks guys have a great day :usa: :usa: :usa:
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Hey Wheels,
My standard mini does the same thing, even with the smaller gas bushing and extra power recoil spring. I can see the brass marks where they bounce off my rear sight assembly and the area of the receiver just in front of it. Not all of the brass hits this way however.
Just my 2 cents,
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