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nrw to board,mini 14 help

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hi all, first i would like to say great forums,i have read through some of it with great intrest.i have a lot of questions for the board about my mini14.what i got is a standerd mini 14,s.n prefex starting in186.well as you can guess im not happy with the accuracy from the i was going to try.some of the things iv read on the board.i.v allready done one mod. to the gun by installing a muzzle break on the gun.(its the one from cheeper than dirt,).but iv not had a chance to fire the gun to see if there is any improvements .
i was reading some of the forums about also glassbedding the stock,and i was thinking about giveing it a try,seeing iv never done this before i was wondering if anybody knew where i could find that video for glassbedding that was talked about on the other forums.i would like to watch it before acually doing the job,so i kind of get the idea what im dooing.if anybody had one for sale let me know
lastly for today anyway,i have a scope mounted on my mini,by the b-square side mount,what do you all think of this mount,will it lose it,s zero ,would i be better off with a differnt mount,iv seen one that installs in the rear sight mount is this better?if so where can i find one at?i dont want to drill and tap gun for a scope mount.(im using a bushnell 3x9x40 scopecheaf on the gun).
i guess that is it for today i have some other questions on other aspects of the gun such as trigger group ect.but i will take it one step at a time so i dont get to far ahead of myself.i guess my next step is getting it glassbedded so i will start there
tnks guys have a great day :usa: :usa: :usa:
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gundoc,can i order out of brownells or do you have to be a smith,if so how much can you get one fro me for?and have it shipped to michigan for?
:usa: :usa: :usa:
iv shot like 3 or 4 boxes of the umc remighton yellow box 55 grain steel case bullets and thay shot not sure what group was,but it was 50 yards.but that was before the muzzle break,i have not shot it with the muzzle break on the gun yet,just for the hell of it i got a box of hornady 75 grain moly coted boat tail hollow point match rounds but have not tryed them eather,today when i was at mijers i seen the 45 grain winchester varmit loads in the 40 round box i should of brought some.i got plans to bed the stock but i need the video as a guide so i can see im doing it right.sort of a visual instruction.iv had this rifle for around 5 years,(brought it from gun show).and only have shot like maybe 50 rounds through it so far.i thought about selling it and getting a bolt action gun,but i like the gun and am on a mission to get it to shoot,i would love 1.1/2 or 2 inch groups at 100 yards.the main reasion for the gun is to hunt some coyoties,and such,im not looking for match target gun accuracy.just good hunting accuracy for coyoties and woodchucks.i also know that a trigger job is in the future but first i want to try the muzzle break and bed the stock and see where im more thing the gun is destroying my brass when it ejects from the gun what could be causing this?
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i dont have a ranch i have a standard
ya i might be intrested in that to,although it really dont matter muc as i do not reload,at least not yet:)
just one other thing is this glass bedding job going to be a big job,i found someone that is sending me the it easy to follow?the last thing i want to do is make a mess of my mini14 its in great shape now.heres one other question would i get better accuracy just by installing a aftermarket stock?iv seen one sight A.R.S i beleave that studed the recever to the stock with bolts ,anyone see this?
well im going to watch the video ,but before i get involved in a big job im going to shoot the gun first with the muzzle break new scope and recoil buffer.and see what she does
well guys,got my muzzle break installed,put in a buffer tec bolt buffer.and got new scope on rifle,im going to go out and put a fue rounds through her this weekend,and see what happens.

i found the glass bedding video from a person on the boards,hes going to send it,and also got my email from mike knifong,and i think im going to send him my trigger group for some work,and get the kit from him(differnt bolt buffer,triger job and gas bushings)for 50$ i dont think you could go wrong.after that i,ll bed stock, i,ll keep ya all posted with my results
:usa: :usa: :usa:
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