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nrw to board,mini 14 help

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hi all, first i would like to say great forums,i have read through some of it with great intrest.i have a lot of questions for the board about my mini14.what i got is a standerd mini 14,s.n prefex starting in186.well as you can guess im not happy with the accuracy from the i was going to try.some of the things iv read on the board.i.v allready done one mod. to the gun by installing a muzzle break on the gun.(its the one from cheeper than dirt,).but iv not had a chance to fire the gun to see if there is any improvements .
i was reading some of the forums about also glassbedding the stock,and i was thinking about giveing it a try,seeing iv never done this before i was wondering if anybody knew where i could find that video for glassbedding that was talked about on the other forums.i would like to watch it before acually doing the job,so i kind of get the idea what im dooing.if anybody had one for sale let me know
lastly for today anyway,i have a scope mounted on my mini,by the b-square side mount,what do you all think of this mount,will it lose it,s zero ,would i be better off with a differnt mount,iv seen one that installs in the rear sight mount is this better?if so where can i find one at?i dont want to drill and tap gun for a scope mount.(im using a bushnell 3x9x40 scopecheaf on the gun).
i guess that is it for today i have some other questions on other aspects of the gun such as trigger group ect.but i will take it one step at a time so i dont get to far ahead of myself.i guess my next step is getting it glassbedded so i will start there
tnks guys have a great day :usa: :usa: :usa:
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I use an S/K mount from Brownell"s, the one that replaces the rear sight, with a Bushnell 3-9x40 and low Weaver rings. Wonderful set up! The scope sits low, the brass ejects fine, and the zero is repeatable. I am a gunsmith so I get a discount, not sure what it would cost retail.
Brownells catalog 55, page 286, item number 794-001-014 is the S&K scope mount for minis serial number series 181 and above. Gunsmith cost is $42.70 and retail is $61.00 each having a flat rate shipping of $7.25 anywhere in the USA. You could save a few bucks by ordering it through me, but if you have an FFL dealer where you are the savings would be better because I would charge for shipping to me and to you. You can order it from Brownells at 1-800-741-0015 or at and enter the item number. The rear sight won't come out easy, and you will ruin the retaining pin on the windage adjustment. Make sure you don't want to use the iron sights before you do this. Then the new mount sits in the original sight's place and is held by two allen screws in the sides and a torsion allen screw at the rear. Once tightened down it is rock solid. It will accept Weaver Style rings. Personally I use the Weaver brand instead of high dollar rings like Millet because I have never had any problem with them. The ones I use are item number 955-490-003, a low 1" ring in a matte finish. They run $23.55 for you, $16.23 for a gunsmith. Put 'em on the same order and the shipping is still the same. I will get you the parts at 10 percent over my cost plus shipping to and from if you want. It will take a few days to me, a few to you. I am in the middle of setting up shop at my new address, so later on I will offer trigger work and bedding and all the things folks want for their minis. PM me if you're interested!
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Mine is a standard mini and I find that most of the brass is deformed at the neck, with the round leaving scrape marks on the bottom of the scope cap. Not much, mind you, but I have a low scope mount. It clears the mount fine, but just knicks the scope cap. It's a 182 series bought well used for popping the occasional coyote out here in Montana. I don't reload, so it's not an issue to me. I would like to high speed video it during firing and ejection to get a clear picture of what's going on in that blink of an eye. Anyone done this?
I have actually seen a brass deflector in a catalog once. It was a stamped steel affair that angled out over the ejection port. The S&K mount I have has a moderate deflection angle built into it and I can find no traces of brass on it. It ejects fine otherwise, I just end up with some dinged brass. Did you use the larger or smaller gas port on your mini to fix this problem, and what does the kit cost?
I have seen it on the web, not in person. Seems a sound concept, but it would preclude a quick field strip if I wanted to. A synthetic stock usually is better, but I still like the look and feel and of wood. My synthetic is just cold plastic!
Thanx Cajun! I spoke with Mrs. Knifong for a bit today and I am getting Mike's info package. I do trigger jobs and barrel chopping, and general smithing around here, but I had not seen his gas port bushings. I think it will be interesting. I moved not long ago and my shop has taken a back seat to the house, but when I get set up again, I'm thinking of offering mini work to the board members at a discount. I have really enjoyed Perfect Union and will put a link on my smithing website to it when I have that up and running soon. I am looking forward to being of service to Perfect Union members!

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