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Norma Precision Inc. has issued a recall on their .308 WIN Norma Tac 147 Grain FMJ cartridges. They have identified possible inconsistencies with the neck tension in a small number of the .308 WIN Norma Tac 147 Grain FMJ cartridges. The inconsistent neck tension can lead to projectiles becoming loose when handled or transported. Continued use of the potentially affected ammunition could impact safe firearm performance which can lead to damage to your firearms or yourself.

The SKU for the recalled ammo is 2422027 and the Lot Numbers are: 59KQ, 58KQ, 61KQ, 60KQ, 42MQ, 44MQ, 45MQ, 48MQ 62MQ, 50MQ, 56MQ, 42RQ, 64RQ, 71RQ, 65TQ, 66TQ, 68TQ, 69TQ, 50UQ, 44UQ, 50KR, 58UQ, 65UQ, 70UQ, 54KR. All of the ammo affected by this recall notice was produced in Germany.

How to determine if your ammo is affected

Find the SKU and corresponding Lot number on the packing for your ammunition. It is located in a white box on the exterior of the packaging as shown in the following photo.

norma tac

If you do find that your Norma .308 WIN Norma Tac 147 Grain FMJ cartridges ammunition is part of the recall based on its SKU and corresponding Lot numbers. Your next step of action will be to submit a return request online at Once Norma receives the unfired ammunition they will refund your full purchase price for the returned, unfired ammunition. They want to make it clear this only pertains to the Lot numbers identified in their recall bulletin. Norma will only reimburse customers for unfired ammunition from the specific Lot numbers.

If customers are uncertain as to whether or not recently purchased ammunition falls with the potentially impacted SKU and corresponding Lot Numbers listed on or for additional questions concerning this Notice, please contact a Norma Customer Service Representative by email at [email protected] or by phone at 912-800-9332.
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