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I am new to this forum but not new to shooting. I am looking forward to reading some the info in these pages. I think I have some info to share too. I really enjoy taking accuracy to the distance. I love to learn more.
My first post was trying to find a tool that someone was using on the range. So far I have had no luck locating it, but I am still on the hunt. It was really neat. He called it a Stickup, he said it was new and made in the USA. It was used to prop an AR and had other features too. I am still looking for it, if anyone has heard, let me know.
Looking forward to talking to you all, Thanks.

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Stickup AR cleaning tool

Thanks. I was able to find that tool that I was looking for on Amazon, thanks to the guys that helped me. It is called a Stickup and I am going to get 1 or 2 of them. It is a real cool tool that provides me with multiple uses. I really like this tool it is exactly what I need, so I am going to provide some info below.

I don't know if I am allowed to put a link here but I will try: STICKUP AR15 Cleaning Link, Spacing Tool, CA Mag Release, Take Down Pin Punch: Sports & Outdoors

Also the manufacturers website is:
Black Pig MFG.

Thanks again

Some of the cool features are:
Made in the USA
CA bullet button tool
Take down pin punch tool
No need to seperate upper and lower halves
Simple 1 piece design
Great for AR cleaning
Fits AR15 AR10 AR308
Made of High impact solvent resistant ABS
Lightweight fits in a pocket nicely
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