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Newbie Quesitons

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Ive been lurking around here for a few weeks now and really enjoy your forum. I owned a Ruger 10/22 when I was in my early teens and enjoyed shooting very much. I have decided to get back into shooting and due to my love of the 10/22 I have decided my next step is a Mini 14. I have ordered a stainless/synthetic ranch model and it should be in soon. I have also ordered a Black Warrior muzzle brake for it. I have read all of the posts regarding accurizing the rifle and besides the muzzle brake I intend to bed it and eventually send it in to Mike for the trigger job and gas kit. I have no need for a super accurate rifle and if I was able to get close to a 2" group size, as I see many of you have, I would be more than satisfied.

I am a college student, in my 4th year of an electrical engineering degree and besides not having a lot of free time I also dont have many tools or any space to work on an object the size of a rifle. Due to these concerns I dont think that bedding the rifle myself is not a good idea, and I doubt my roomates would really appreciate it either. I would really like to have my rifle professionally bedded. This way I can be sure that it is done right and wont be a hassle for me. Is bedding something that I can have done by most gunsmiths? Does anyone know of a company or a certain smith who specializes in this sort of thing? Im located in the Eastern PA region.

Also in the posts I have read I have seen two different ways of securing the stock to the action/barrel, glass bedding and pinning. Im not exactly positive as to what pinning is, but I was wondering which technique is more effective?

Thanks for the help guys and keep up the great work. This is one of the most helpful and friendly forums I have come across.


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Hi Nate, welcome!

I know this a bit off-topic, and I am FAR from being a guru or expert, but I would suggest you shoot a couple hundred rounds through your new mini before upgrading or modifying. It will give you a chance to learn your weapon and decide what needs to be changed and what is fine the way it is. Plus when you do upgrade, you'll have a point of reference on the way it was...much more gratifying :)

As far as bedding, I ordered Mike's video and am going to attempt it myself. When I asked a local gunsmith about bedding my mini, he replied "why would you do that?" hehe. He quoted around $75 - $100.....A lot more than doing it yourself.
Hi Nate,

Do a search on "break-in" to see how. From what I hear, it will help to remove factory roughness and burrs in the bore. If you don't clean after every couple of shots, the bullets just glaze the bore with copper instead of "sanding".

BTW, have fun shooting it at the range. The mini may not be a tack driver, but it sure as hell one of the most enjoyable firearms to shoot out there. A close 2nd is the calico m900 9mm, but it doesn't have as much "umph".
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