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Hi I'm a 32 year old male from good ol Indiana! I have been wanting to do this for some time now. I am wanting to build my first AR-15. I'm not looking for anything fancy just a simple rifle I can put together and maybe through out the years put some add ons to it. So my question is where do I start? I mean any tips on a good website/'s? I'm a 32 yr old kid in school again. willing to read, listen and watch any options, opinions that u are willing to give. I don't have a huge budget so I'm going as cheap as possible for now. So email me, hit me up on here! Thank you and I love this site!

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Start with a stripped lower and upper. This will allow you to totally customize and build the rifle EXACTLY how you want it and allows you to research each individual part thoroughly before you make a selection.

The other option is starting with a completed base rifle (if you can find one right now) then gradually customize it to suit your tastes. Your situation will dictate your course of action. If you are ok with gradually building a complete rifle then the first option will work well for you. If you feel the need to start with a complete firing rifle then choose the second option.

Right now is not really a good time to try buying an AR-15 because of inflated prices, however if you search a lot of sites every day, including craigslist and armslist, you will find that there are deals to be had.

Here are a couple of things to remember as you are searching.
Buy cheap, buy twice.
You can't replace quality with a cheap price.
If this is going to be a real fighting carbine I would recommend going with a good company with an established reputation for quality.

Some of my favorites are LMT, Daniel Defense, Larue, Noveske, ect These are pricey "top tier" manufacturers.
Other good manufacturers are Spikes (typically make parts but I have seen a few complete guns as well) S&W, and many others.

I personally don't have experience with Stag, Bushmaster, and Windham Weaponry But I have heard both good and bad things about them.

I personally avoid Aero Precision and DPMS like the plague as my experience with them has been poor to say the least.

P.S. Welcome to the Forum! I liberated the best girl in the world from the state of Indiana and relocated her to Virginia.. :D
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