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New Toy

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It bein groudpig time an all I got a 14" .223 contender barrel to celebrate. I was a wonderin if'n any of ya'all had some pet loads for this round for the contender.

I mounted a 3-12x burris on top of it.:ar15:
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:2guns: have i got a load for you! i shot a 3 shot group at 100 yards less than 1/2" (.450" to be exact). i got the load from a friend and he said it shot good in two other 14" .223's also. it's with BLUE DOT powder. it works great for p doggin, i hear. low barrel heat for lots of shooting. i like it because it is low in recoil and allows me to use a 4x12 rifle scope on my 14" .223 barrel. 13.5gr of blue dot w/40gr nosler balistic tip, cci-br-4 primer, win. brass. pressure builds rapidly, so work up in very small increments. it shows no pressure signs in my barrel but all are different. approximately 2900fps in friends barrels.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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