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New to the board, ??'s

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I have been shooting my Mini-30 for a few years now, mainly just for fun, some IPSC style 3 gun stuff, and misc. other things. The rifle is great, its reliable as hell, light on the shoulder, packs a good wallop, and is an all around neat weapon. The only thing that stinks is the accuracy. I've poked around quite a few threads and have found that, for the money, bedding the action and throwing on that BW muzzle brakes are the two best ways to cut down on inches. (Only in this sport do we want less inches for chrissakes). Problem is, i have no idea how to bed the action or where to look to find out, and I can only find the BW muzzle brakes for mini14's. ARS has some wild stuff but dang its pricey and i really am only looking to spend less than 75 bucks to get this rifle up to par. Any help ya'll can provide would be great. Thanks in advance
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Searching around on eBay I found mini 30 BW muzzle break As for bedding the action, i havnt done that yet but i plan on ordering the video from Mike Knifong. Use the search button in the top right and many posts will come up with how to contact him.
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