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Hi, I've been lurking around the mini14 site for a few months and yesterday got a deal on a cheap 10/22 for a project, so I logged on. Was looking for unique ideas for this project. Have built one up before, 22" Midway sporter barrel with Fajen stock, trigger parts, etc. Any ideas? Was thinking trying to modify the stock gun, ie cut barrel, extend lop, add forend tip, nicks the barrel band. will try to post pic of last 10/22 project soon.
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Hey metolius. Congrats on your 10/22. For some ideas check out the gallery, make shure you change the 30 day to "the beginning" to view them all.

The thing about the 10/22, there are so many different configurations. You can make it into a 22 mag, into a 17hmr, into a tranqualizer gun, into a gattling gun, into a target gun, into a hunting rifle, into a surpressed tatical hush puppy, with many versions of each.

I had to have 2 for different purposes.

If you want to improve accuracy to see what you can do with what ya have, pitch the barrel band, free float the barrel, bed the stock, do a trigger job, choose the ammo it likes. I'm not shure cutting the barrel would improve accuracy as some did to their minis., as the 10/22 has a stiffer barrel.

Are you going to scope it, change the sights, or use the std ones?
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This guy uses the 10/22 scout. Check out:
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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