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new project

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Hi, I've been lurking around the mini14 site for a few months and yesterday got a deal on a cheap 10/22 for a project, so I logged on. Was looking for unique ideas for this project. Have built one up before, 22" Midway sporter barrel with Fajen stock, trigger parts, etc. Any ideas? Was thinking trying to modify the stock gun, ie cut barrel, extend lop, add forend tip, nicks the barrel band. will try to post pic of last 10/22 project soon.
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cajungeo, thanks for the gallery hint.

you read my mind on the barrel shortening. For this project I was thinking of keeping it cheap, just changing the basic gun. Has anyone tried to build a mini "scout" rifle out of the 10/22. What about a tensioned barrel? Have a lathe that needs projects too.
thanks for the link will check it out. Will try to post pic of last project gun tonight
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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