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Last week I found this 108 year old Winchester pump .22 for sale.
It had been restored to like new condition by a Minnesota gunsmith who passed away years ago. His son is getting up in years himself, and thought he'd sell some of his collection.
As usual with a re-finish job like this, you can buy them for about what the gunsmith work would have costed.

The metal was polished and reblued, new stock and fore arm wood, (early non grooved pump handle style), a new mag tube and barrel relined. The bore and stock must have been in bad shape for this to be a candidate for refurbishing.
Locks up tight, nice trigger, points and handles great.

Another one of John Brownings great designs.
Winchester made a few million in the 1890, 1906, 06, and 62 models.
The 1890 had a longer octagon barrel, crescent butt stock made of Walnut, and could shoot only one length of cartridge.
The 1906 was an improved, more affordable version, shorter (20") round barrel, shotgun style butt stock that was a cheaper "Gumwood", and it could fire all three cartridges.
Mine is a 1906 (made in 1911) and is the takedown version.

The sights on it are pretty minimal, barely more than nubs.
My front sight is too low so I put a taller one on for now.
I think I'm going to put a Marbles tang sight and globe front on it to get the full potential. It's hard for me to shoot irons anymore unless it's a peep rear.


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She's beautiful sandog, many happy plinkings to you with her. :)

Being refurbished isn't exactly a bad thing if you're looking for a shooter in my opinion.

I don't own the real deal myself, but I've a couple of the Taurus copies, a 62 rifle and a 72 carbine, love them both for their handling and accuracy.
The 62 is set up with one of the Taurus Tang sights for the rifle and it's awesome, I've one on a Taurus 63 semi as well, but the 72 is scoped.
You won't regret going with the Marbles.

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