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Hello all. New member to the forum.

Have been wanting an AR-15 since firing one in the military back in the mid 70's. My want is now coming near an end - well, it is some what near. I got lucky and picked up 2 stripped lowers from PSA 'bout 2 weeks ago. Ordered the rest of the "complete kit" from Model 1 Sales.

Soon I will have a rifle that I can't shoot because there is no ammo to be had. Ha, one day!

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I've got a couple thousand hours, but many moons ago. Old Army chopper pilot, Charlie model Huey gunships in Nam, '68-'69. Glad you're with us.....many fine folks here.
Saw your avatar and wondered about it, old USMC 'E' model crewchief/gunner/mechanic, 'I' Corps 66-67. 'B' model 68, NC.
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