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The M14 to us viet era vets was a select fire magazine fed semi automatic rifle. Shooting a 7.62x51 cartridge. (308)
The M1A is the semiautomatic version of the M14
The M1 is two fold
M1 Garand is a semiautomatic fed by an 8 round enbloc shooting 30-06.
The 30 M1 Carbine is a semiautomatic rifle, magizine fed shooting 30 carbine cartridges, there was also the M2 which was the automatic version.


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Depends of what you're looking for -
If by "shooting" your looking for the most accurate and "shooter friendly" rifle - the M1A is the way to go.
If you mean "shooter" as in inexpensive and fun - the price you'd pay for a low end CMP garand (about $400) will more than make up for the more expensive 30-06 ammo.
308 ammo is cheaper, but you'd spend at least $1200 for an M1A.
Of the 3 choices, I understand that collecting carbines is are real kick - prices are going up fast. Collecting Garands is a fun too.
As the M1A is strictly civilian production, not sure if it got much collectability.
Good luck!:)
Oh yeah - if you couldn't tell from Maddon's post - owning an M14 is a no go due to its full auto feature - that's why we have the M1A, wich is the civilian production version of the M14.
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