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New member, new to mini 14's

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I have heard alot of bad things about the mini 14's so I have always shyed away from them. A few days ago I ran across a NIB mini 14 for 250.00, it has the wood stock. I bought it and love the way it feels. I havent shot it yet but I will this weekend. I am looking forward to learning about it and ways to improve it. I love to tinker with my guns so this should be a fun toy.
Im already thinking of a synthetic stock and a comp.
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Its nice to welcome 2 new members on the same thread. Welcome to the forum yotehunter, and Karbine Kid.

For starters you can go to the Mini talk section, and click on the "New Ruger Web Site" sticky, to down load a Manual. You can also call ruger, and they will send you one for free. While you have them on the line, give them your serial # and they can tell you the date of manufacture, and barrel twist rate if you are interested.

Before you buy 1,000 rds of ammo, I would suguest buying a box or two, of different kinds of ammo in your price range, to see what your mini likes. Each mini is different in what it shoots best.

They are fun to shoot. Keep us posted on how you do. ;)

BTW, there is a handy search button, upper right. Enter key words, and many posts will come up. There is a lot of info here.
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