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New member, new to mini 14's

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I have heard alot of bad things about the mini 14's so I have always shyed away from them. A few days ago I ran across a NIB mini 14 for 250.00, it has the wood stock. I bought it and love the way it feels. I havent shot it yet but I will this weekend. I am looking forward to learning about it and ways to improve it. I love to tinker with my guns so this should be a fun toy.
Im already thinking of a synthetic stock and a comp.
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:eek: NIB for $250!!!??? Must be a real junker. I'll take it off your hands for $275 :D You musta done something right. That's a hell of a deal. You'll love shooting your mini, even before you really learn to hit with it or before you begin tuning it, because that's just the nature of the little rifles. They're fun, bottom line. And having this board and all it's collective wisdom behind you will just make it more fun. Enjoy!
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