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New member, new to mini 14's

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I have heard alot of bad things about the mini 14's so I have always shyed away from them. A few days ago I ran across a NIB mini 14 for 250.00, it has the wood stock. I bought it and love the way it feels. I havent shot it yet but I will this weekend. I am looking forward to learning about it and ways to improve it. I love to tinker with my guns so this should be a fun toy.
Im already thinking of a synthetic stock and a comp.
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Hey it's my first post here too. Boy these are sweet little guns, I love the feel and the action. As with just about anything else like it, shoot it for a while before you start putting stuff on it, get to know it well. My dad is the mini owner in the family, I'm only 16 so I'm restricted to non-high capacity rifes and shotguns in my state, supposedly that means anything capable of accepting a high-cap mag, but every police officer I've talked to said that no one would bother you as long as you had a non-high cap mag in it and were behaving yourself. Anyway I'm left with the SKS, Swede mauser, and my various other firearms. My dad picked up a pre-ban , new in box stainless mini with two ramline mags(those clear plastic ones that supposedly work in mini-14s, AR-15s, and AR-180s) and a choate folder for $300. We've been shooting it with the wood stock on but have recently put the folder on and I'll get around to shooting it and checking the zero sometime this week. He also decided to put one of those compensator/flash hider deals on it, I like the way it reduces muzzle flip but it seems that it is a bit loose, so that can't be helping its accuracy.
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