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Long time Gun owner here, New NRA member. For the obvious reasons I have a renewed interest in Firearms and the acquisition of what interests me. Interest picked up with the anticipated full service Gun Range opening up a few miles from me.
Guns I own

10 guage double barrel hammer shotgun, Belonged to my great Grandfather, I can trace it back to the 1880's It is a mantle piece only heirloom.
A bought new in 1961 Remington .22 Bolt action Nylon 12 in pristine condition
A Mossberg bolt action 3 shot .410 Shotgun handed down from my Grandfather currently getting a cosmetic reconditioning.Put a few squirrels on the table with it when I was a teenager.
A Taurus Model 66 6 inch barrel nickel plated .357 magnum purchased new.
A newly acquired Glock 23 .40 caliber.
A newly purchased Ruger 10 22 that is in the mail to my FFL dealer.
A ordered Henry Big Boy Lever action .357 magnum That I have long admired and finally pulled the trigger so to speak.

I will be upgrading the Ruger with after market goodies and figured a forum such as this will have a vast accumulation of information

Thank you for reading my long dissertation:p
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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