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I did it ! I saved for two years and researched in my spare time, then yesterday I did it. I bought a loaded, s.s. m1a.

OK since I saved for so long, and spent almost four months rent, I don't want to mess up such a beauty.

I have always been a handgun guy. This is my first long-gun. I have no military experience, and I am the only person I know who owns a gun. So I am hoping you guys can shed a little light on the subject for me. What do I do the first time I bring it to the range?

Do I shoot 300 rounds and bring it home to be cleaned? Do I shoot 1 round and clean for an hour, Or 10 rounds and clean for 2 min. I have herd that you are supposed to do something special, but I have nobody to ask but you.

Are there any special products to use? I pretty much just use breakfree clp, and a brass brush.

Also where is a good place to pick up 1000 rounds of .308 non corrosive, fairly accurate and fairly cheap

All responses will be greatly appreciated

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A new M1A - ahh, I remember the day I brought mine home....

There's alot of Portugese NATO ammo on the market now. I havn't shot it yet, but plan on buying some.
Stock No. CX2M-51731

Spend a few dollars more and get Scott Duff's Book on the M14

You need to get a Dewey cleaning rod and muzzel guide
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The M1A must be cleaned from the muzzel and those two pieces will save you time and trouble.
The gas system need to be cleaned every 300 rounds.
Need to get a chamber brush too.
Stock #

I like to break my barrels in. This is just one of many thoughts on the subject:
5 shots, clean after each shot
9 shots, clean after each 3 shots
15 shots, clean after each 5 shots.
The time to stop is when cleaning gets easy.

Another humble opinion is Butches Bore Shine. I like the stuff.
read the cleaning section for what I use.

Oh yeah, take the time and read all the threads here. There is a lot of good stuff and more on the subjects you need to know.

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Take it out, shoot how ever many rounds through it and clean it. Buy a good quality cleaning rod, bore guide, a .30 cal jag, chamber brush, M14 combination tool to loosen and tighten the gas cylinder plug, a gas cylinder wrench and a G.I. toothbrush. Do not use oil to lubricate your rifle, use a high quality gun grease. To clean the gas cylinder I use a .44 cal jag with shotgun patches.

It is not neccessary to field strip your rifle every time you clean it. I take mine apart maybe once a year, unless it has been soaked by water or covered in a lot of wind blown dirt, etc.

I would also buy a good book on the M14/M1A.
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