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I found this site as a referral since I am starting to work with a new type of arm that I have no experience with. I just acquired a 196 series Ruger Mini-14 (standard rather than ranch rifle).
My personal background is in "traditional" arms, single shot rifles, flintlocks, percussion target rifles, and steel and walnut handguns. I've been shooting for 50+ years and started reloading with my first arm. I'm not "tactically" oriented in an arm sense; though I have a high degree of respect for "tactics" and practice them in my personal arms-craft. I am more interested in precision that rate-of-fire.
Needless to say this Mini-14 is an adventure and experiment in a new direction for me. I'll be attempting to make it into a more precise rifle through tuning and hand-loading and will be restocking it next winter with a more traditional sporting stock------or trying to at least.
It'll be an interesting journey not matter where it leads me.
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