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I was looking at a bushmaster dealer as referred
to me here and look what I found.

This is the HK 223. I finally realize what my
[problem is with AR-15 and most other military
rifles. The scope line of sight is much higher
above the bore than on civilian hunting rifles.
This is because the high sight plane helps
long range shooting when the kill zone
is 8 inches. Lets face it the guns are
designed to kill people not shoot at targets
or squirrels.

So, what I need to make the AR-15 work real well
is a stock that has some "drop" to it so
my cheek can rest on it and still see through
a scope mounted low on a flat top receiver.

Anyone aware of such a thing ?

BTW, the HK does not seem that expensive considering what some other "clones" are costing

Thanks for any info on Stocks that might
bend down lower a little. I dont know what
the technical term is for it.

Scott in Atlanta

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Hey clad you found it.
The hk is the sl8
he carries all sorts of g36 assecories for it
suppose to be more accurate then ars
but only 10rnd mags available
if interested try
i've gone down the hk road
its addictive...swore them off for life
i by red white blue as often as possible
but like cars offshore mnfctrs have it
hope i didn't turn you into an hk junkie

:confused: :confused: :confused:

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BTW I'm kinda bias about Cal's I've worked at gun shops before
but ,and no I'm not affiliated with him financially ,except to spend $$ there,he carries alot of semi and precision arms/acccess
AT THE BEST PRICES AROUND he firmly believes in volume over

:rapid: :usa: :2guns: :ar15:

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