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Hi everyone;

With all the national hoopla over a possible AWB 2.0 after Tuesday's catastrophe, I decided to get off my rear and finish a RR arms lower I had sitting around. It is mostly with a balance of DPMS parts as a basic build, with one of their flat-top Oracle uppers w/pencil bbl and a mil-spec recoil tube w/ standard furniture to start out with. Eventually plan to go with either Mako or Magpul on that front. Just using BUIS right now - a fixed Armalite front and a Magpul rear. Thinking about a Millett 1-4x scope but haven't found a QD mount that I am sure will clear my folded Magpul MBUS.

Anyway, on to the ALG Combat Trigger (ACT).

The one I got is the pricier one with the nickel teflon coating. VERY NICE!! The parts oozed quality when I got 'em out of the plastic ziplock bag. Now, the original trigger was gritty and rough. Worse, the hammer was beating a deformity into the trigger face, indicating an incorrectly hardened part. All in all it made my AK's with their Tapco G2 triggers feel like way higher quality pieces than they deserve, and made my new AR build pretty disappointing in comparison. :( So I ordered up an ACT FCG pack last weekend after a disappointing range session and WOW! :D The trigger is still heavier (feels like about 6 lbs) than my AK G2 FCG, but very very smooth with no creep. Haven't got 'er to the range with this mod, but I can tell already this one is going to be a winner.

So, while the ACT trigger cost slightly more than the entire DPMS lower parts kit, it was definitely worth it to me. It feels like the military pull, only clean, crisp, with a good letoff. The original gritty DPMS trigger and hammer are in the spares bin and that's where they're going to stay. And the ACT trigger is good enough that I just ordered another one for my spares bin, along with a spares kit for my new light carbine - think with all this AWB 2.0 stuff going around I need to build up another EBR or two. Maybe an M4gery or a Dedicated Marksman Rifle? Both, if $$ allows! ;)

Hope this review was informative. On the related topic of my build, does anyone have ideas on a good affordable QD mount that will hold zero when removed? Will it accommodate a 30mm tube? Will it hold a Millett 1-4x high enough that it clears the Magpul MBUS? Does such a beast exist?

All the best,
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