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New 10/22 owner ??

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I just bought my first 10/22. It is a model K10/22-22 From Wal-Mart. Stainless 22" barrel. I am not very impressed with the fit and finish of the bolt and inside of the receiver. There are a lot of
machining marks and rough edges and rough finish on the interior of the receiver along the bolt guides or rails and the ejection port. Is this Normal? Does Wal-Mart get seconds from Ruger? Or am I just being too critical. I have not fired it yet but it does cycle a full mag just fine. The out side of the receiver is excellent. It almost looks like Ruger didn't finish the manufacturing

Thanks, Bradley in Ca.
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Does Wal-Mart get seconds from Ruger
No. No matter what anyone says, Wally World does not get seconds from Ruger. Ruger may make products for Wal-Mart, but selling them seconds. No way. (And I am not even a fan of Wal-Mart)

What you have is just a characteristic of a Ruger 10/22. I have three and they are all exactly what you described. Just take a honing stone and work the bolt very careful. You can polish the bolt to look like chrome. You can also bevel the rear of the bolt to make to move smother in the action. When I did mine, I also polished the inside of the frame, where the bolt slides and the whole thing works great. Just do some of the little extra things to your new Ruger and you will have a winner.

VQ...hammer/maybe the springs/
VQ...magazine release
Bolt buffer
Exact extractor
auto bolt release (do this yourself)
polish, polish, polish
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