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I bought a new ss 10/22 and replaced stock (barracuda), barrel (Butler Creek Featherweight), extended mag release, Clark Custom Trigger Kit and recoil buffer.

Unfortunately, sometimes when the bolt is pulled back and locked, the bolt itself slides down a little (similar to when you remove the bolt during disassembly for cleaning) and gets stuck open (I do NOT have a problem working the bolt lock; I never had this problem on my old 10/22 - still using).

When this happens, I have to put my finger in the magazine well and push the bolt up while unlocking it. I don't have this problem often, but it's happened once or twice on me, and 4 or 5 times when freinds (inexperienced) practice on it (never with my old 10/22).

Did I do something wrong? Has anybody experienced this? Does anybody have any suggestions?
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