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A shooting/hunting friend of ours has a child that has had and will be having some unexpected and sudden medical costs that are beyond the means of the family involved. In an attempt to help them out several of us are banding together to sell off our excess scopes, knives, etc. A list of what we have collected so far is below:

Company Model Blade/Metal Asking

Anza Razor Type Blade 3" carbon steel $32.00
Anza 3-3 double edged boot style 7" carbon steel $65.00
Coast Cutlery Crocodile Hunter 10.25" Solingen $45.00
Coast Cutlery Bowie Style 8" Solingen $25.00
Coast Cutlery Original Bowie Knife 8" Solingen $25.00
Coast Cutlery Original Bowie Knife 7" Solingen $20.00
Gerber 5978 9.5" Bowie $45.00
Gerber 46044 Sports Saw 5.25 carbon steel $15.00
Katz Avenger Boot Knife -BT-10/S4.5 Stainless Steel $75.00
Katz Black Kat BK-302 6 XT80 Stainless $80.00
Katz Avenger Boot Knife -BT-10 4.5 XT70 Stainless $75.00
Pelican KC5 "New Orleans" Bowie 6.25 Stainless Steel $45.00
Puma 11 6396 6.5 carbon steel $55.00
United UC-467 Horsehead 18th Century Style Dirk 6.25 Stainless $25.00
United UC-710 Liberty & Union 18 Centry Style Dirk 6.25 Stainless $25.00
United UC-526 Bowie Style Folding Knife 4.25 Stainless Steel 15.00

Make Model Power/Reticle Asking

Burris Fullfield 2.5 Plex $85.00
Burris Fullfield 2.5 Plex $85.00
Burris Fullfield 2.5 Plex $85.00
Burris Fullfield 2.5 Plex $85.00
Burris Mini 4 Plex $108.00

Shotgun Chokes
2 set of Remington 12 gauge Imp. Cyl, Mod and Full $20.00 per choke or $55.00 per set

All prices will be plus the cost of freight to get the item to the buyer. Payment will be in cashiers check or money order. Personal Checks will be accepted if you will wait 10 days for it to clear. I will continue to up date this list as new things come in. If you are interested in any of these items and what we are asking for them then please email me at [email protected]. We would like to sell them as quick as we can in order to help this fellow shooter and his family out but as the doctors have indicated that this will be a long drawn out process their need will not be over anytime soon. Thanks.
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